A drip of cold sweat.
A corporeal tremor steeped in indecision and hate.
A swirl of words in a message laced with fire and nerves frayed.
A fluttering heart pounding against a frail ribcage.

A seed of doubt.
A hesitance congealed in my lungs and breath.
A restless energy curled around my feet and neck.
A knot in my stomach echoing in the ripple on my skin.

A twinge of shame.
A weight latched onto my shoulder blades.
A distrust of the tangible cradled my consciousness.
A warm drop of water pooling in my palms.

The clock tower chimes:
Four unique times.
Another bead of sweat, down that treacherous spine.

Ah, fuck it.

You are the master of your fate
And the captain of your soul.