Listless: we yearn for motion.
Poetry: we punctuate our silences with.
Dreams: we pursue skylines unseen, only imagined.
Words: we seek that which renders us bereft of speech.
Emptiness: we long to fulfill it.
Bargains: we barter alliances for experiences.
Tremors: we defy and differ, doleful but disparate.
Nights: we slumber among the soft tufts of clouds.
Dawn: we rush into its arms, calm yet warm.
Thought: we think as we walk and breathe as we run.
Moments: we live (or so we’d like to believe?).

The sun plays coy though it’s a clear blue sky. The night closes in and I can hear whimpering dogs resign to the stillness it brings. The morning lifts off its misty veil and the colours return to the world one by one. The darkness cloaks the earth and the stars light up the sky like dying embers.. one by one. These intrepid footsteps carry me forward.. on and on, into the unknown, riding pillion with the wind. The excesses and that unquenchable thirst rage against one another, as I toss, turn, tumble.. seemingly forlorn. The pitter-patter of the unseasonal rain matches the pace of my steps. The leaves dare not rustle even as the winter breeze caresses its corners. The river of rainwater charts a course and I follow it. I hold my breath lest the trepidation in my heart betrays me.. and I wait. The sun bows before the rain and thunderclouds gather in. I feel the silence press upon my skin, rebuking yet entreating. I abandon the river as it branches out, dividing and multiplying. I lie still.. and weave dreams and conversations, aromas and scenes, a white snow and a celestial blue-green.. slipping in and out of consciousness. I exhale a deep sigh, preparing for the uphill climb as an impending storm threatens to tear the sky asunder. I close my eyes to relive the fears, the hopes and the iron cage of reality that bears down upon us. I reach the small summit, and feel the rain drops, like pellets from the sky, fall against my face as I paint myriad worlds with eyes closed. I feel the heat of this burning world. I feel a yearning that could rent the brewing storms with the intensity of an explosion of a million splendid suns. I sleep. I sit.. awake.

It isn’t sudden but it is total. It is consuming but we dare it to be final. Come. Let’s disrobe ourselves of our naivete and step into that scintillating moonlight so that we may see the pith of our natures unmasked, bathed in the purest of lights.

We were foolish and we were brave. We penned our stories and wept in our graves. Come. Let’s disengage ourselves from our daydreams and swim across that valiant sea so that we may learn of the stillness in our fires, awash with the deep serene blue.

It scorches every pore on our skins but endows us with sweet abandon. It leaps from our souls in twos but burns coalescing into one. Come. Let’s chase the winds, the waves, the northern lights and the summer skies so that we tire not from the length of our days but the brevity of our lives.

We tasted blood and trembled with treason. We forged liaisons and forwent some. Come. Let’s bury our beating hearts and throbbing temples here so that atop that small summit, we are replete with the silence of the ineffable emptiness in our lives, warm beneath the watchful stars.

Can you dare to measure the heat and violence of this beating heart caught and tangled in this body?