Don’t tell me your dreams, your rights, your wrongs. Don’t tell me where to look when the light switches on. Don’t tell me when your daydreams sink and your darkness sings. Don’t tell me how to hide when your fingers glean. Don’t tell me that the mockingbird never flies. Don’t tell me that the stars are brighter tonight, withholding our secrets, our hopes, our desires fourfold nor what we seek is a bit of stardust to behold. Dust to dust, we are depraved and insecure. Don’t tell me you seek free will, uncharted, never careworn; making a difference, letting things make a difference; a chill to the bone.

Weary travellers of a desolate path, we want not, we stop not, we think not. The sun rises in the west and settles on our feet wherefrom the moon shines in silver sheets.

I found myself in the bleached walls. I found myself in the sanitized wards. I found myself in the endless cries, the prying eyes, the hopeful banter and the careworn hands of the caregivers. I found myself in the walks I took along the freezing corridors in the dead of the night. I found myself in the cubicles that stank of piss and shit. I found myself in the whites, the greens, the browns and the clean. I found myself in the smell of stale food, the silent screams of those who barely understood. I found myself in the sleepless nights spent with the lifeless coal black chairs. I found myself in the coughs, the aches, the chamber pots, the bed baths and the blood stains. I found myself in the shuffling feet, the bills, the tests, how they monitored your every beat. I found myself in your every passing breath, the crease across your brows and the break in your step. I found me. And I lost you.