1560 kilometres
Two strangers and a whirlwind ride
A nod, a prod, a story to tell
A gun, a shot, a battle-wound bright
Toe to toe, blow for blow
From the nave to the chaps

Two strangers and a moonless night
A skit, some lines, unprepared witless
Candour, banter; torrid song and dance
Word for word, to and perhaps fro
Nocturnal, fervent and unplanned

Two strangers and two weeks
What do we learn in so little a time?
Two strangers and two hundred years
Do we learn everything in that much a time?
Two strangers and two texts
What do we say in such short a space?
Two strangers and two thousand breaths
Is it enough to befriend and revel?
Two strangers and 1560 kilometres
Can dream a stolen dream
One more minute