I finished watching the last installation in the Richard Linklater trilogy with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, and I once again realised the importance of good conversation.

It isn’t something that you manipulate yourselves into doing. It is what people call ‘organic’. I never really understood the purpose of the word ‘organic’ until I realised that sometimes you can have the spunkiest of conversations with a total stranger. The spark. It need not be a sexually ignited spark. Not so much for soul-mates but I do fancy good conversations. The easily flowing conversations that isn’t meandering through the dull delights of poking fun at others but gushes through the scorching virgin grounds of communication. Not with the newspaper-addled, pot-bellied, drunken, dark and all-knowing perspective to the economy and the world but a knowledgeable, agreeable, convincing and receptive position.

“Brainy is the new sexy.”

Diction. The way you speak can completely charm over anyone. The diversity in the way people speak outdoes diversity of any other measure. There is the stuttering under-confident genius, the stammering cowardly train of thought, the over-polite, the under-polite, the clarity of confidence, the fake accent and the polished smoothness of a cultured upbringing. I used to watch a variety of a regional shows and the disturbing difference clearly lies in the delivery of dialogues. The cool, collected and clear dialogue nourished with a voluminous vocabulary.

Have your ever spoken to someone and felt that the conversation has cleansed your brain (the good kind of cleansing)? Don’t you wonder if you yourself will ever live up to that mark? That mark of being an ‘interesting’ person. You can be discussing the different flavours of chips and be enthralled by your conversation. You need not be always discussing Van Gogh and Beethoven. You can be sitting under a tree and observing the passers-by. You can be discussing the movie you just watched. You can be talking about some things that happened in the past and be reconnecting over some things that both of you experienced.

You can be discussing dog food, and I do not mean that as an insult.

A stimulating flow of words between two or more people can rejuvenate the rest of your day, you know. However, stimulants may differ from person to person. In any case (pardon the generalisation) without stimulation, I think, we meaninglessly binge on mundane things, ultimately lacking the charismatic open-minded two-way traffic between two human beings.

I might be over-doing this.