I just finished watching two movies back to back a little while ago.

I was browsing through a friend’s blog before that and I realised that I love her blog. It is fun and honest. It also has a scheduled weekly day of posting new entries so you can almost look forward to those days of the month. Mine (if you can even call it a ‘blog’) is secretive, messy and whiny. I already own journals, thus I do not want this medium to necessarily be only a ‘digital vent’. I like writing. I miss writing. I like new experiences and recently, I have developed a compulsive need to do things unexpected of me.

So this a promise to my non-existent readers and myself: I will not quit the blog. The posts will be sparse but not banal. I will minimise the ranting.

Coming back to my original point, I just finished watching 50/50 and Away We Go:
(1) I loved the ‘laughing at your own tragedy’ bit but the film felt like it could’ve explored some more areas in detail. I felt that movie cut short a lot of the real deal. I mean, sure, he threw up in the toilet and sex hurt, but I just didn’t believe it when Rachael talked about Adam having been ‘so sick’; and what kind of doctors talk about anaesthesia right at the moment when they are about to take you to surgery? I guess what I mean is that the film lacked a certain authenticity and felt a bit jagged in parts. Having said that, I loved when Adam screams in the car the night before his surgery, that Adam and Katherine have an awkward chemistry, that Kyle has a support book in his toilet and that Adam’s mother wanted a blanket in the doctor’s office.
(2) Those people don’t exist in real life, do they? Other than that, as a doe-eyed-happy-endings-binge-watcher, I loved everything about the movie. Those people just sailed right through everything. I wonder if I’ll turn out to be seahorse “LN” or Helena who left Burt’s brother or be creepy Lily. You can safely assume that I plan to steer clear of parenthood. It is a responsibility easily manhandled (views on parenthood – another time).

I am procrastinating. I really should be studying right now for my final term but what I am doing in its stead is that: I am searching for the meaning of my life. The newest TBBT episode also threw my case wide open.

What am I doing?

The Swiss team won the Davis Cup yesterday. I didn’t start a new book despite the ‘free’ time. I still misbehave with my mother. I checked my Facebook an unhealthy amount of times. I sighed over the annoying nature of my blog. I dreamt of meeting Ranbir Kapoor and I hated having woken up from that dream (*fangirling*). I want to really start writing. The good stuff. The stuff that I have always meant to write but never came around to it.

Mosquitoes abundant.
Until next time.