Dear reader,

Someone upstairs paid heed to my impatient protests against the unbearably hot and humid weather. It’s been pleasant today. Toes crossed. I woke up a little before 8 o’ clock, sweating profusely. I am on the verge of developing summer rashes. I bathed with a disinfectant solution today. Then we took Ma, in the car, travelling at less than 30km per hour, to the hospital. After waiting in line, we finally booked an appointment, having paid the consultation fee. A team of doctors removed the staples but they could not remove the drain pipe bound to her body near the stomach. It was too painful for her. They decided to put her under anesthesia on Monday and conduct a full procedure where they cut her open, inspect the pipeline, take it out and administer secondary sutures. The wounds were freshly bandaged and the pus collection bag was replaced (albeit, at a cost). Re-waiting in the line took a few more minutes because we were cross-referenced to an anesthesiologist and before we could meet him, we had to pay a separate consultation fee. The doctor was a charming young man who asked a few questions about allergies and previous health concerns. Then we were set free. Luring Ma into the cafeteria was easy. You need only mention the word ‘dosa‘, South-Indian staple food and Ma’s beloved. She had four morsels while I downed the rest. It wasn’t very good. My sister-in-law in Mumbai does make the most amazing dosa at home. I freshened up, upon returning home. The weather has heavily influenced my mood today. I feel light and happy. Ma seems better despite having gone through an ordeal at the hospital what with the sitting for long hours, the doctors scolding her for using a stretcher bed when we had come in and the failed attempt to remove the drain pipe. She just went to bed, having had her afternoon meal. I skipped mine, considering that I ate quite a bit at the cafeteria and also, this is one of the opportunities to control my food intake. It’s particularly problematic with my grandmother at the helm of the kitchen. She can be very overbearing and stubborn, as much as I love her.

A slight breeze filtered into the room as I typed. The hospital has recently hiked most of its charges and fee rates as much as 100%. The pocket pinch has been felt more than ever by our family or I guess since we have been in this position so many times that it does not feel any different. Although, this time my father is older, more wrinkled with more thinned hair. I have a college Project this semester (the final one) and I keep procrastinating. I still have not read a book or watched more of Breaking Bad. Ma’s mental strength wavers much. She’s a child as well as a weather-beaten 51 year old at the same time.

Hoping for the best(?),